Ep 029 – Michelle, an entrepreneur with a passion for social impact.

Ep 029 – Michelle, an entrepreneur with a passion for social impact.

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Michelle is an entrepreneur with a passion for social impact. She built and runs an international organization transforming health and the economy through the science of Nutrigenomics. Her passion is helping people biohack the aging code, extend their health span and create another stream of income with time and financial freedom. She has achieved the top 1% in the industry and been recognized in the Millionaire Circle.

She has served as President of the Sienna Family Foundation, providing funding to arts, education and environmental programs to underserved communities. She Chaired the Board of Trustees for Bioneers, served 9 years on the Executive Committee of the Board for the University of San Francisco, as well as Board of Trustees for Cardinal Newman High School. Prior to that she served on the Board of Trustees of the Sierra Club Foundaton where she was Chair of the Foundation Board from 2006 to 2008.

Michelle has been a leader on land use policies, conservation and protection. With her husband, she has been instrumental in creating environmental scholarships and lecture series at the Harvard Center for the Environment and the University of San Francisco. She has served on the boards and advisory councils of a number of not-for-profit organizations including the San Francisco Art Institute. USF Regional Council, Children of the Earth and Sonoma Jazz+. where she was a Founder.

Her career in the corporate world building organizations and revenues for fortune 500 companies helped position her to pursue her passion as an entrepreneur and movement builder.

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