Ep 003 – Daniel Gefen, Founder of Gefen Media Group

Ep 003 – Daniel Gefen, Founder of Gefen Media Group

May 24, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Daniel Gefen, Founder of Gefen Media Group, is today’s guest. Daniel hosts two Podcasts – “Can I Pick Your Brain” & “The Daniel Gefen Show.” He is also the author of International Bestseller “The Self-Help Addict”. Gefen Media Group is an industry-leading podcast production agency which produces Go Big or Go Broke!

Daniel’s mission is to help people discover their voice & share their message with the world.

Bullied in high school for expressing himself, today Daniel is a top-rated podcast host with almost 200k downloads. Having interviewed over 100 influential leaders, including Billionaires, Bestselling Authors, Celebrities and World Class Athletes, featured in major publications including Forbes, INC and CIO, he is finally free to express himself

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Welcome to “Go Big or Go Broke: the Making of Impactful Millionaires” by Cathy Karabetsos, Founder, President and CEO of QCSS, Inc., where you’ll learn the method, madness, & making of impactful millionaires!

Cathy Karabetsos is a devoted wife & proud mother of seven who hosts “Go Big or Go Broke” to inspire you to:

– Stop playing small,
– Go BIG, and…
– Become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams!

All without sacrificing honesty, integrity, or moral values.

You’ll hear from ordinary people who choose to take extraordinary action.

Plus, you’ll learn the method, madness, & making of impactful millionaires!

Cathy’s goal for 2018 is to assist, equip and inspire 1,000 people to become Millionaires.

Will you be one of them?

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